Disaster Recovery

Did you mean backup?

When business users are questioned about disaster recovery, the common response is we have a backup. The issue with this is that a backup is a vague term when it comes to a disaster recovery plan. At CCNC Corporate Solutions our experts have come up with a list of innovative solutions to ensure that your disaster recovery solution caters for multiple disaster scenarios and a structure plan to test for preparation and to follow if a disaster strikes.

What more can we do than backup?

  • Backup types: Our experts recommend a data redundancy (mirror/sync), local backup for quick recovery and remote backup in a worst-case scenario.
  • Security: To avoid being the victim of an attack CCNC Corporate Solutions assists with protecting your gateway to your business network, protect your devices while on and off business premises.
  • Procedures: As graceful it is to have all the technology to protect and recover from a disaster, it is important to have a written plan to follow in the case of a disaster.